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Topics and speakers from 2000 - 2009

No. Date Topic Speaker
193 Jan. 00 Electronic & Human Connectivity: The Internet David Alexander
194 Feb. 00 Anna & the King - The movie. Panel discussion Larry Ashmun (chair)
195 Feb. 00 Betel Quid Chewing in Northern Thailand Peter A. Reichart
196 Mar. 00 Traditional Akha Concept of Spirits Leo Alting von Geusau
197 May-00 Censorship in Southeast Asia William Tuchrello
198 May-00 Foreigners and the Thai Judicial System Nitaya Wangpaiboon
199 Jun-00 Creating Counseling and Therapy Approaches Richard Nelson-Jones
200 Jul-00 Drunk Husbands: Bias or Blind Spot in the Thai Judicial System Marjorie Muecke
201 Aug. 00 Social & Economic Observations of Moo Ban Living in Chiang Mai Mike Long
202 Sept. 00 Killers & Healers: Fantastic flora of Thailand David Engel
203 Sept. 00 Glimpses of Anarchy: Experiences of an election observer in Cambodia & E. Timor Bill Rose
204 Nov. 00 Eco-tourism and Hilltribes in Northern Thailand John Davies
205 Dec. 00 Does Chiang Mai Need Flyovers? Sirichai Narumit
206 Feb. 01 The Buddha and His Image Carol Stratton
207 Mar. 01 The Thai in Keng Tung in World War II M.R. Rujaya Abhakorn
208 Apr. 01 Historical Considerations on Thai Cuisine William Sammon
209 May-01 International Education and Thai Education: Diverging or Converging? Lister Hannah
210 Jun-01 Money Matters in Marriage Brian Hubbard
211 Jul-01 NGOs and the AIDS Crisis in Chiang Mai Vincent del Casino
212 Aug. 01 Restoring Northern Thailand's Degraded Forest Land Steven Elliott
213 Sept. 01 The Karen: Past, present . . . future? Ron Renard
214 Nov. 01 What is the Alternative to Violence in our Multicultural World? Andrew Forbes, John Butt, Dean Henderson
215 Nov. 01 Medicine and Public Health in Chiang Mai during World War Two Ted Brown
216 Dec. 01 The Laotian Hmong in the United States Pongkaset Suwannakun
217 Jan. 02 Thai – Foreigner Marriage Eric Cohen
218 Jan. 02 Akha Literature in Transition from Totally Oral to Partly Written Inga-Lill Hansson and Leo Alting von Geusau
219 Feb. 02 The Mekong Nobody Knows Steve van Beek
220 Mar. 02 The Railways of Thailand Robert M. Boer
221 Apr. 02 Stupas in Asia Joe Cummings
222 May-02 The Role of the Christian Missionary John Butt
223 Jun-02 Traders & Travelers: The Dutch in 17th Century Laos and Cambodia Carool Kersten
224 Jun-02 Why Do the Vietnamese Write the Way They Do? A political issue. Roland Jacques
225 Jul-02 Lisu Actors and Foreign Film-makers Otome Klein Hutheesing
226 Aug. 02 The Catholic Church and the Sexual Abuse Dilemma Peter Clarke
227 Sept. 02 Teaching Philosophy in a Thai University Mark Tamthai
228 Oct. 02 Intervention Radiology as a Substitute for Surgery Steven C.H. van de Ven
229 Nov. 02 Which Cosmos for Which Identity? Dilemma Among the Kantu of the Annamese Hills Yves Goudineau
230 Nov. 02 Arakan: A Buddhist kingdom of Southeast Asia Jacques Leider
231 Dec. 02 The Use of Science in Contemporary Western Buddhist Apologetics Geoffrey Redmond
232 Jan. 03 A Buddhist Approach to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Laurie Maund
233 May-03 Oops!  There was no 233rd talk. The convenor lost count
234 May-03 A Passage to Thailand Brian Hubbard
235 Jun-03 Annual variations in the use of, and exposure to Pesticides among Hmong Farmers in N. Thailand Peter Kunstadter
236 Jul-03 The Wild Wa: Wilder without opium? Ron Renard
237 Aug. 03 Ugetsu (a classical Japanese story collection) Cinematized Paul McCarthy
238 Sept. 03 Development Interventions, State Administration and Local Responses of Ethnic Minorities in Upland Northern Thailand Hans-Dieter Bechstedt, Patcharin Nawichai
239 Oct. 03 Peer-to-Peer: Premises of a new layer in civilization? Michel Bauwens
240 Nov. 03 The WTO in Cancun: The negotiations and what went wrong? Heike Löschmann
241 Dec. 03 A Social Psychologist at the Burma Border Richard Gorsuch
242 Jan. 04 Missionaries, Martyrs, and Political Change in Northern Thailand in the Late 19th Century Don Swearer
243 Feb. 04 Politics in the Thai Parliament: Has much changed since the 1997 Constitution? Aaron Stern
244 Feb. 04 In Between a 'Feeling of Natural' and the Burmese Buddhist Order:  An Encounter with Burmese spirit possession Bénédicte Brac de la Perrière
245 Mar. 04 Expedition Mekong 2002 in perspective Reinhard Hohler
246 Mar. 04 Hilltribes in Cambodia and Vietnam Andrew Hardy
247 Apr. 04 Perceptions of Education in Thailand Alain Mounier
248 May-04 Masks and Selves in Contemporary Java: The Dances of Didik Nini Thowok Jan Mrázek
249 Jun-04 Say What, Mr. President? Gary Suwannarat
250 Jul-04 The Impact of Air Quality on Chiang Mai residents Duongchan Charoenmuang
251 Aug. 04 Reflections on 40 years of research on Thailand Niels Mulder
252 Sept. 04 Chiang Mai Tourism: Its problems and solutions Jack Kelly
253 Oct. 04 Protected Areas in the Lao PDR Klaus Berkmüller
254 Nov. 04 Introduction to the History and Significance of Champa Michael Vickery
255 Dec. 04 Textiles as a Material Lexicon of Tributary Relations in the Lao-Tai world Patricia Cheesman
256 Jan. 05 Proposal to Redevelop and Reposition Chiang Mai Shane K. Beary
257 Jan. 05 The Tsunami and its Aftermath: A Panel Discussion Dave Percy, Sampan Sombat Tapanya Singharajwarapan,
258 Feb. 05 The Khmer Rouge Ideology, as drilled into people's ears under Democratic Kampuchea Henri Locard
259 Feb. 05 How Does an Artist Become International? Thailand as a case study Annabelle Boissier
260 Mar. 05 The ‘Singhalese’ Buddha: Thailand’s highly revered guardian image Carol Stratton
261 Apr. 05 Violence in Thai society Sombat Tapanya
262 May-05 Geohazards of Northern Thailand: How dangerous are they? Sampan Singharajwarapan
263 Jun-05 Wat Ban Ngaed & Wat Ban Saen: Exotic mountain temples of Keng Tung in Shan States, Myanmar Vithi Phanichphant
264 Jul-05 Daoist tradition and modern subjectivities: Transformations of Daoist practice in China and the West David Palmer & Elijah Siegler 
265 Aug. 05 Dr. Muller's Asian Journey: Thailand, Cambodia, VietnamYunnan and  Carool Kersten
266 Sep. 05 Reconciliation in Southern Thailand: Lessons from past attempts and present directions Mark Tamthai
267 Oct. 05 Politics and Professionalism in Community Development   Katherine McKinnon 
268 Nov. 05 Is “Taization” equivalent to assimilation?  Olivier Evrard 
269 Dec. 05 Chasing Shadows: The elusive Isan Nang Talung  Bonnie Brereton 
270 Jan. 06 Continuation and Disruption of the Karen Religious Movement: Case of the Myitta Byamasoe in Burma Dr. Kwanchewan Buadaeng
271 Feb. 06 The Giant Appliqué Thangkas of Tsurphu Monastery, Tibet Terris and LeslieNguyen Temple
272 Mar. 06 Great Leader, Dear Leader: Demystifying North Korea under the Kim Clan Bertil Linter
273 Apr. 06 Chiang Mai: Disneyfication or Rational Development? Panel Discussion 
274 May-06 Cambodia’s The Khmer Rouge Tribunal: Why has it taken so long to establish Asia’s first genocide tribunal? Will it achieve justice both for the living and the dead? Tom Fawthrop 
275 Jun-06 A Chameleon’s Tale: True Stories of a Global Refugee Mo Tejani 
276 Jul-06 Song and Silence: Ethnic Revival on China's Southwest Borders Sara Davis 
277 Aug. 06 Mishima: Letters, Eros, Death Paul McCarthy
278 Sept. 06 How to Plant a Forest Stephen Elliott
279 Oct. 06 SOS: a non-profit organisation helping foreigners living in Chiang Mai  Alan Hall and Andrew Williams
280 Nov. 06 The Jewel of Suvannaphoum Reinhard Hohler
281 Dec. 06 “Beyond the Gate” Francois Bizot 
282 Jan. 07 Gold and Silver Roads to Chiang Mai and Shan States in 1837 Andrew Turton 
283 Jan. 07 Border Landscapes: The Politics of Akha Land Use in ChinaThailand and  Janet Sturgeon 
284 Feb. 07 ‘Altar of Fire’ A Vedic ritual   Frits Staal 
285 Feb. 07 The Tree of Immeasurable Wealth - Rmeet Society, Highland Laos Guido Sprenger
286 Mar. 07 Traditional Thai Mural Painting: The Thai Cosmos and the Jatakas  Carol Stratton
287 Apr. 07 It’s not just Haze: The effects of air pollution in Chiang Mai  Duongchan Charoenmuang
288 May-07 Mystery in the Mist of the Borderland of Thailand and Myanmar Rasmi Shoocongdej
289 Jun-07 “Will the snakes swallow the singers?” Traditional music of the hill tribes John Moore
290 Jul-07 “More tribes at risk – in Farm Animal Genetic Resources. The Thai situation” Vanida Khumnirdpetch and David Steane
291 Aug. 07 “Sacrifice” - The Story of Child Prostitutes from Burma Hseng Noung and Laurie Maund
292 Sept. 07 ‘Big Brother Mouse’ - Book publishing in Laos Sasha Alyson and Khamla Panyasouk
293 Sept. 07 Life for an English teacher in Present-day Viet Nam Richard Fuller
294 Oct. 07 "Prayer of Peace: Relief & Resistance in Burma's War Zones" Matt Blauer and Saw Doh Say
295 Oct. 07 “Sacrifice” – The Story of Child Prostitutes from Burma. Second Showing Hseng Noung 
296 Nov. 07 How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas Carol Grodzins and Nikom Putta
297 Jan. 08 Swimming Against the Tide: The Cuban Health system Tom Fawthrop
298 Feb. 08 "Murder, Mayhem, and Malarkey: An Evening of Japanese Detective Fiction." Ivan P. Hall
299 Mar. 08 Chiang Rai and the Mae Fah Luang Art and Cultural Park Rebecca Weldon
300 Apr. 08 “Making Chiang Mai a Great Place to Live”  Deuntemduang Na Chiengmai, Mayor of Chiang Mai
301 May-08 ‘Opportunities for Expat Volunteers in Chiang Mai’  Duenpen Chaladlam
302 Jun-08 A Tribute to the late Roxanna M. Brown (1946-2008) Patricia Cheesman and John Shaw 
303 Jul-08 Global Warming Scenarios for Thailand Jere Locke, Marty Bergoffen and Julia Schonharl
304 Aug. 08 The Administrative and Political Structure of Chiang MaiProvince Tanet Charoenmuang
305 Sept. 08 An evening with at home with John and Pat Shaw John and Pat Shaw
306 Oct. 08 Textiles and Clothing of the Lao-Tai Peoples as Community Markers Patricia Cheesman
307 Nov. 08 Knowing the Lua and Wa: The State of Knowledge of a Barely Known Group Ronald D. Renard
308 Jan. 09 “Treading the boards”  Stephan Turner
309 Feb. 09 “Buddhist Murals from the Isan Heartland” Bonnie Brereton
310 Mar. 09 "HIV research and public health in Thailand: prevention and care" Marc Lallemant and Gonzague Jourdain
311 May-09 Examining Tung: Northern Thai Banners and their Cambodian Counterparts Rebecca Hall 
312 Jun-09 18th – 20th Century Thai and Other Southeast Asian Paintings of the Lord Buddha  James Bogle
313 Jul-09 ‘AFTER THE CRASH’: Reclaiming architecture for the other side of the economic miracle.  Kevin Moore
314 Aug. 09 Wildlife in Asia is in Crisis  Adam Oswell
315 Sept. 09 Magic and Modernity in Southern Thailand : Reconfigurations of a multi-religious Performance and Art Genre Alexander Horstmann
316 Oct. 09 Living Silence in Burma : Surviving under Military Rule Christina Fink
317 Nov. 09 Science and Technology Park Development in Northern Thailand Martin Venzky-Stalling
318 Dec. 09 Universal Health Care in Thailand : Dissertation Fieldwork  Joseph Harris 

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