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Topics and speakers from 1990 - 1999

No. Date Topic Speaker
64 Jan. 90 Olde Chiang Mai days Dick Wood with Donald Gibson
65 Feb. 90 Introduction and Development of Western Psychology in Thailand Sombat Tapanya
66 Mar. 90 The Buddhist Image Consecration Ceremony in Northern Thailand Don Swearer and Sommai Premjit
67 Apr. 90 Another Asian Miracle Economy in the Making? Thailand as an NIC? Jurgen Rueland
68 May-90 Problems in Opium Control in Northern Thailand Lamar Robert
69 Jun-90 Chinese Views of Sipsongpanna Ann Hill
70 Jul-90 Wiang Ta Murals Vithi Phanichphant
71 Aug. 90 Phra Malai and Thai Buddhism: Art and literature Bonnie Brereton
72 Sept. 90 Progress on an Ethnography of a Hmong Village Kathie Culhane-Pera
73 Oct. 90 A Visit to Assam: Meeting Thai-speaking peoples in India Raynou and Nongnutch
74 Nov. 90 The YMCA and Rural Development: Twenty years of experience Michael Boeder
75 Nov. 90 Hysteria in the Hills: The Lisu case Otome Hutheesing
76 Dec. 90 Spiders and Related Creatures in Thailand Peter Schwendiger
77 Jan. 91 The Forests of Nepal: The problems of conservation and deforestation Dietrich Schmitû-Vogt
78 Feb. 91 Tais of Northern Vietnam B.J. Terwiel
79 Mar. 91 Hill Tribe Elites: Educational mobility and cultural consequences Scott McNabb & Jeff Petry
80 Apr. 91 Some ethnic minorities in Assam Jim Goodman
81 May-91 The Lao: As viewed by the Thai and as viewed by themselves Charles Keyes
82 Jun-91 The Ho Chi Minh Trail and Other Parts of Laos Ken Kampe
83 Jul-91 AIDS in Thailand and Barriers to the Development of AIDS Counseling in Northern Thailand Kittiwut Taywaditep
84 Oct. 91 Homage to Coffee Jacques Op de Laak
85 Nov. 91 Agricultural Changes in a Non-project Village Peter Hansen
86 Dec. 91 Religious Syncretism of Southeast Asian Religion? Thai, Javanese and Filipino perspectives Niels Mulder
87 Feb. 92 Beware! The synthesizer cometh – people, who needs people? Bernard Sumner and Manoon Ploypradap
88 Feb. 92 Keng Tung in the Shan States of Burma – an island of Lanna Vithi Phanichphant
89 Mar. 92 "Borneo: Inferno or paradise?" video presentation Mady Villard
90 Apr. 92 Threads of Life: Hmong women's contribution to life cycle rituals Susan Morgan and Kathie Culhane-Pera
91 Apr. 92 Dealing with Conflict among Children: A video ethnographic approach to cross-cultural comparison in pre-schoolers Jacquetta Hill
92 May-92 From the Silk Road to Southeast Asian tracks: History of trade between China and Southeast Asia Amphay Dore
93 Jun-92 Two Solitudes: Observations on trekking tourism in a Hmong village Jean Michaud
94 Jun-92 He was always mean, but he’s much worse now: Transformation of Northern Thai village life Graham Fordham
95 Jul-92 A Karen New Year Ceremony Inspired by Mon Theravada Buddhism Bernard Moizo
96 Aug. 92 Tam Na Mai Pen [I don’t know how to grow rice] Mark Richie
97 Sept. 92 Transvestism, Transexuality and Sex-change Operations Louis Gooren
98 Oct. 92 Three Tons per Hectare and Dikes Richard Lando
99 Nov. 92 Opening up to the Modern World Niels Mulder
100 Dec. 92 Industrialization in Thailand Jean Christophe Simon
101 Dec. 92 Upland Minorities in Cambodia Peter Vail and Leif Jonsson
102 Jan. 93 The Characteristics and Logic of Lisu ‘Traditional’ Social Organization in Northern Thailand and the Impact of the Current Development Process Yves Conrad
103 Feb. 93 The Mae Soi Valley Conservation and Rural Development Project M.R. Smansnid Svasti
104 Mar. 93 Silk, Sex and Smiles Christopher Moore
105 Apr. 93 A Cultural and Environmental History of a Thai-speaking Group in Northern Vietnam Kathleen Gillogly
106 May-93 The Hani Peoples Conference in Kunming Leo Alting von Geusau
107 Jun-93 Monks in Thailand involved in the Environmental Movement Sue Darlington
108 Jul-93 The Differential Integration of the Karen into the Thai State during the Reigns of Rama V and VI Ron Renard
109 Aug. 93 AIDS awareness among Hill Tribe Women Otome Hutheesing, R Maneeprasert, Nina Kammerer, Pat Symonds
110 Sept. 93 International Schools in the 20th Century from Geneva to Chiang Mai Harry Deelman
111 Oct. 93 Hill Tribes in the Philippines Lamar Robert
112 Nov. 93 Botswana and its Wildlife Linda & Allen Pfotenhauer
113 Dec. 93 Lantien Yao Ceremonial Paintings and Masks Jess G. Pourret
114 Feb. 94 The Cambodian Border in Historical Perspective Michael Vickery
115 Feb. 94 Perspectives on Yao/Mien History Leif Jonsson
116 Mar. 94 Natural Dyeing in Thailand Marjory Moeyers
117 Mar. 94 Identity and change as perceived among the Lahu people in Northern Thailand Carina Strassen-Kossmann
118 Apr. 94 Developing Lisu Kathleen Gillogly
119 May-94 AIDS in Thailand and Africa Graham Fordham
120 May-94 Introduction to the Zhuang of Guangxi Amphay Dore
121 Jun-94 "Threads of Life" video presentation Susan Morgan
122 Jul-94 Lakkia Language David Solnit
123 Aug. 94 Signs of the Buddha in the Northern Thai Chronicles Don Swearer
124 Aug. 94 The Great Game in Southeast Asia: Thai-Vietnamese competition Andrew Forbes
125 Sept. 94 Yi People of Yunnan Jim Goodman
126 Oct. 94 A Vision of Chiang Mai Sirichai Narumit
127 Nov. 94 Deceit in the Forest Canopy: The ravishing Lady Slipper orchid and the naive hoverfly Hans Bänziger
128 Nov. 94 Luang Phrabang Temple Murals Laurie Maund
129 Dec. 94 The World according to Thai Grade School Books Niels Mulder
130 Feb. 95 Concert of traditional/classical Thai Music: Talk - "Food in Thai literature." Buffet dinner on the banks of the Ping River Suphon Suetachat, Ron Renard, Em-on Chittasophon
131 Feb. 95 Foreigners in Thailand and their Legal Problems Phipat Prasatsuwan
132 Mar. 95 The Forgotten Libraries of Laos Harald Hundius
133 May-95 The (Siam Society) Journal and the Restructuring of the Siam Society Pitya Bunnag
134 Jun-95 Akha and Trekking Mika Toyota
135 Aug. 95 Research for Restoring Northern Thailand's Forests Steve Elliott and Kate Hardwick
136 Sept. 95 Bamboo Hut Construction and the future of a TextileMuseum in Chiang Mai Pitya Bunnag
137 Oct. 95 Lua Architecture Vithi Panichphant
138 Oct. 95 Men, Alcohol, and AIDS in Northern Thailand Graham Fordham
139 Nov. 95 Brief Survey of Lan Na History Hans Penth
140 Dec. 95 Stone Images of Sri Lanka Ron Emmons
141 Jan. 96 Society according to Thai High School Books Niels Mulder
142 Feb. 96 Aspects of Change in Hmong Society Peter Kunstadter
143 Mar. 96 Problems in setting up a UNDP Highland Development Project in Southeast Asia Ron Renard
144 Apr. 96 A Hot Topic: Fire in agriculture Koen van Keer
145 May-96 A Visit to My-son: The valley of kings in Vietnam Reinhard Hohler
146 Jun-96 Shipwrecks in the South China Sea Roxanna Brown
147 Sept. 96 The Yao in Vietnam Jess G. Pourret
148 Oct. 96 HIV is Not the Cause of AIDS Dan Reid
149 Oct. 96 Ethnicity in Thailand G. Wijayewardene
150 Nov. 96 Infectious Diseases Unique to Northern Thailand Thira Sirisanthana
151 Nov. 96 Science and its Critics: The case with HIV/AIDS Margery Lazarus
152 Jan. 97 The State of Hani-Akha Studies Leo Alting von Geusau
153 Feb. 97 The Chinese Ho ('Chin Ho') in Northern Thailand Andrew Forbes
154 Feb. 97 Introducing Thai Images Niels Mulder
155 Mar. 97 History of Northern Thai Forests J.F. Maxwell
156 May-97 Buddhist Art: What is its future? Venetia Walkey
157 May-97 Ethnic Conflict in Burma Bertil Lintner
158 Jun-97 Measurement of Pacification in Vietnam: Reminiscences Ed Rose
159 Jul-97 Corruption In Local Elections Katherine Bowie
160 Aug. 97 Hong Kong: Borrowed place, borrowed people Michael Webster
161 Sept. 97 Birds of Doi Inthanon Rungsrit Kanjanavanit
162 Oct. 97 Search for Authenticity: The mind of the tourist, art & modernity Robert Peters
163 Nov. 97 Living with HIV: Video/Testimony Laurie Maund
164 Dec. 97 Japanese & Chinese Gardens: A comparison David Engel
165 Jan. 98 Possessing Writing: Lahu literacy in Northern Thailand Judy Pine
166 Feb. 98 The Situation of Elephants in Northern Thailand M. Willemse and S. Chailert
167 Mar. 98 Inter-species Communication & ‘Love Animal' House Marianne Willemse
168 Apr. 98 Buddhist Architecture: From India to Pagan and Thailand Pierre Richard
169 Apr. 98 The Psychology of Cross-cultural Relationships Brian Hubbard
170 Jun-98 Thai Cats Ed Rose
171 Jul-98 Trance Dances of Northern Thailand Vithi Panichphant
172 Aug. 98 Rural Communications in Thailand Lamar Robert
173 Sept. 98 Community Forestry in Northern Thailand Karan Aquino
174 Oct. 98 Expatriate Hypothesis Frank Kelly
175 Nov. 98 Worshipping the Great Moderniser, King Chulalongkorn the Great Irene Strengs
176 Dec. 98 Buddhist Monks & HIV/AIDS Management Laurie Maund
177 Jan. 99 Is Thailand One of the World's Few Non-homophobic Cultures? Andrew Matzner
178 Jan. 99 Thai Revenue Stamps Bob Drexler
179 Feb. 99 Magnificent Buddha Images of Lanna Thai Carol Stratton
180 Feb. 99 Women NGOs in Northern Thailand Lee Ray Costa
181 Feb. 99 ‘Candy’ Readings from his own works Luke Davies
182 Feb. 99 Is Thai a Sexist Language? Panit Bunyavatana
183 Mar. 99 Does Participatory Land Use have a chance with Hilltribes? Oliver Puginier
184 Apr. 99 Wildlife in the Kingdom of Thailand (slide presentation) Bruce Kekule
185 May-99 Misadventures of an Amateur Telescope Maker in Chiang Mai Botter Reeves
186 Jun-99 The Patcharaphorn Thai Education Fund Graham Enwright
187 Jul-99 A Christian looks at the Buddhist Religion John Butt
188 Aug. 99 Mad Elephants & Missionaries at Ko Klang Island Ted Brown
189 Sept. 99 Fine Book Publishing Trasvin Jittidecharak
190 Oct. 99 Being a Foreign Monk in Thailand Santikaro Bhikkhu
191 Nov. 99 Delving for Information in Chiang Mai: Panel discussion Frank Kelly (chair)
192 Dec. 99 Thai Buddhism through Cartoons Louis Gabaude

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