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Topics and speakers from 1984 - 1989

No. Date Topic Speaker
1 Dec. 84 Illegal Hilltop Burial Site Excavations in Tak John Shaw
2 Jan. 85 Wat Khan Thom Inscriptions and the Development of Thai Letters Hans Penth
3 Feb. 85 Buddhist Ordination Rituals Francois Bizot
4 Mar. 85 Buddhist Monastic Reforms in the Early Lanna Period Gina Clifford
5 Apr. 85 Social Implications of Trade in the Chiang Mai Valley in the 19th Century Katherine Bowie
6 May-85 Non-canonical Jatakas from Lanna c. 15th -17th AD Harald Hundius
7 Jun-85 Lao Textiles Patricia Cheesman
8 Jul-85 Peoples of Xishuang Banna Ron Renard
9 Aug. 85 Shan Tattooing: and the nature of their belief system Nikki Tannenbaum
10 Sept. 85 How Thai Children Learn Classifiers: and the problems they encounter Kathie Carpenter
11 Oct. 85 North Korea: a slide presentation M.R. Rujaya Abhakorn
12 Nov. 85 Observations of a Naturalist in SW China and Northern Laos Hans BC$nziger
13 Dec. 85 Traditional Northern Thai Irrigation Systems Kathy Chindasri
14 Jan. 86 [now defunct] Northern Thai Society and Early Western Contacts with Chiang Mai from the 16th Century Roy Hudson
15 Feb. 86 Tin People and the bSalotb Ceremony David Filbeck
16 Mar. 86 The Northern Thai Village of Ku Daeng [red tomb] Konrad Kingshill
17 May-86 Patron-client ties in Northern Thailand Clark Neher
18 Jun-86 Tibet John Hobday
19 Jul-86 25 years of change in a Thai Lue Village Michael Moerman
20 Aug. 86 Contradictions in the Minority Situation in Thailand: The mountain minorities case Leo Alting von Geusau
21 Sept. 86 Wa Dialects in Burma Paulette Hopple
22 Oct. 86 Applications of X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry in Northern Thailand Alan George and Roxanna Brown
23 Nov. 86 Laotian Temples: Architecture, images and embellishments Madeleine Giteau
24 Dec. 86 Northern Thai Temples: Looking for a plan Julie Forbush
25 Jan. 87 Khuen Literature Anatole Peltier
26 Feb. 87 Chao Rai Thai: Swiddeners in Nan Province: 30 year update Laurence Judd
27 Mar. 87 Ban Chiang: Beyond painted pots and bronze bangles Joyce White
28 Apr. 87 Funerary Rites in a Northern Thai Village: A comparison of Buddhist and Christian practices Graham Fordham
29 Jun-87 Development, Bureaucracy, and Life in the Margins Ken Kampe
30 Jul-87 Karen and Hmong: Recent studies of differential child survival Peter Kunstadter
31 Aug. 87 Breast Milk: A report on the joint lactation project Dorothy Jackson
32 Sept. 87 Methods of Religious Communication used by D. McGilvary and Buddhadasa Bhikku Maen Pongudom
33 Oct. 87 Government Policy on Hill Tribe Relocation: Ways out of the maze Chupinit Kesmanee
34 Nov. 87 Social Forestry in Chiang Mai: Establishing a dialogue between officials and hill tribes Uraiwan Tankimyong
35 Dec. 87 What's so good about religion these days?  Focus on the Philippines: Questions about Thailand Niels Mulder
36 Jan. 88 A Journey through Upper Burma Bertil Lintner
37 Feb. 88 Changing Worlds of the Akha Nina Kammerer
38 Mar. 88 Problems of Studying Northern Thai History David Wyatt
39 Apr. 88 Buddhism and Development: How do people bring religious values and economic ambitions together? Sue Darlington
40 May-88 Confessions of a Roving Baker John Connell
41 Jun-88 Human Rights and National Development Annop Pongwat
42 Jul-88 Secular Change and Cultural Continuity Marjorie Muecke
43 Aug. 88 Interpretations of Buddhadasa and Thai Society Louis Gabaude
44 Sept. 88 The Contemporary Situation in the Thai Highlands W.R. Geddes, Wanat Bhruksasri, Peter Hinton
45 Oct. 88 Upland Tenure and Land Use in Northern Thailand Revisited F.G. Keen
46 Nov. 88 Formation of Thai Anthropology Anan Ganjanapan
47 Dec. 88 Who Invites Whom to Festivals and What Was Served? Field report from a Shan village Nikki Tannenbaum
48 Dec. 88 Art for Development: A new role for traditional crafts  Steve Salmon
49 Jan. 89 Report on the Making of a Book: "Lao Textiles: Ancient Symbols b Living Art" Patricia Cheesman
50 Jan. 89 A show of Amateur Films Shot in Laos and Cambodia in 1954-55 Michael Lantheaume
51 Feb. 89 Difficulties of Inscription No. 1 Hans Penth
52 Mar. 89 The Dhammanat Foundation: The Buddhist conservation and rural development philosophy and strategy Geoffrey Walton
53 Mar. 89 Coded Messages to the Deceased on the Mouth Organ of the Hmong Gretel SchwC6rer-Kohl
54 Apr. 89 Hmong Refugees Robert Cooper
55 May-89 Surviving on the Salween: Burmese students along the border Pippa Curwen and Marti Patel
56 Jun-89 AIDS: A silent threat to Thai youth Vicharn Vithayasai
57 Jul-89 My Car-isma: Car culture in modern Japan David Plath
58 Jul-89 Introduction of Central Thai language through Modern Schools in Northern Thailand 1898-1942 Vachara Sindhuprama
59 Aug. 89 Doi Chiang Dao: Natural history portrait Hans BC$nziger
60 Sept. 89 Wats in Lanna Aroonrat Wichienkeo and Albert Lisec
61 Oct. 89 Bio-diversity and Conservation on Doi Suthep J.F. Maxwell and Steve Elliott
62 Nov. 89 Vessantara Jataka: Ritual, text, analysis John Cadet
63 Dec. 89 Recent Developments in the study of Thai Ceramics John Shaw

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