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451st  Meeting: “Searching for Suvarnabhumi in Thailand : Relics, Caskets, Brahmi Inscription and other new evidences”.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019.

A talk by Dr. Bunchar Pongpanich (บัญชา พงษพานิช), MD.

The Talk:

The talk will present current research and discoveries on the Suvarnabhumi civilization. The speaker will share details of the continuing search for evidence in Thailand and relate that work to excavations and documentation being done in the region from India to China and into the Indo-Pacific area. For the first time, newly found artifacts will be shared in Northern Thailand at the meeting, inclu ding beads, relics, caskets,bronze bowls, Brahmin inscriptions, punch mark coins and others.

The Speaker:

Dr. Bunchar Pongpanich completed his medical degree at Chiang Mai University in 1982. He served as medical officer and director in Nakorn Sri Thammarat and at Walailak University for 20 years. His interest in the heritage of the area led him to resign and devote himself to Buddhism, history and community 4 concerns. He became director of the Save Andaman Network – SAN – providing relief and support to fisherfolk following the 2004 pan-Indian Ocean Tsunami and was the founding director of the Buddhadasa Indhapanno Archives in 2010. He currently collaborates on research on Suvarnabhumi with the Prince of Songkla University. He is a foremost authority on ancient Thai beads, mostly found in southern, western and central Thailand, traded along ancient maritime trade routes thousands of years ago.

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