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431st Meeting: 13 March, 2018, 7:30 pm at the Alliance Franšaise, Chiang Mai: “Urban Trees, Green Spaces, and Human Health: The Empirical Evidence”.

Tuesday, 13 March, 2018.

A Talk by Pongsakorn Suppakittpaisarn.

The Talk:

Urban trees are not just beautiful decorations for a city. They can make you healthier and happier. In this talk, the speaker presents the theories and scientific evidence that links trees and parks with human health and well-being. He will also discuss how one can use the existing trees and parks to improve every day's life experiences based on what the public health scientists, environmental psychologists, and neuroscientists have discovered.

The Speaker:

Pongsakorn Suppakittpaisarn is a lecturer in landscape design and environmental management in Faculty of Agriculture, Chiang Mai University. He is interested in landscape optimization: how we can use the limited urban spaces to create food, jobs, human wellbeing, and ecological benefits. His previous works focuses on landscapes that manage rainwater and how they impact people's wellbeing and perception of a city.

Want to read more? ....click "HERE"(PDF File for downloading or reading online - 12 pages).


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