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429th Meeting : "The great insect die-off: facing the challenge”.

Tuesday, 6 February, 2018.

A Talk by Peter Davey.

The Talk:

This talk touches on the negative impact mankind is having on invertebrates globally and the dire consequences for the food chains that underpin the natural world we take for granted. There is a need for global awareness of the ongoing demise of the environment and actions taken by local groups worldwide. The talk will mention the work of a Foundation created in Hungary to bring back from the brink herb-rich grassland habitat that supports a broad diversity of moth and butterfly species. It will focus on a five-year research initiative underway in a Slovenian National Park. It identifies, records and maps moth species that survive there, and flags species discovered critically endangered so that Slovenian authorities can undertake habitat management.

The Speaker:

Peter Davey was born with a butterfly net in his hand; his father was an old school, now politically incorrect, collector of butterflies in England. Peter has retained a passion for the natural world throughout his life - as an amateur Lepidopterist. Over ten years ago, he helped create a moth network in the county of Dorset in the UK. He moved to Hungary five years ago, where, together with a Hungarian ecologist, he instituted a Foundation focused on acquiring and managing grassland habitats to support endangered butterfly and moth species. It also provides expertise and research resources to the National Parks in both Hungary and Slovenia. As there is no nature to conserve during the harsh east European winter, he spends four months here in Chiang Mai enjoying retirement and being amongst many friends, chiefly within the social circle of the Chiang Mai Hiking group.

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