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MEETINGS 2013-2017

423rd Meeting : "Ecclesiastical Colonialism: The Protestant Church in Northern Thailand”. 

Tuesday, 10 October, 2017.

A Talk by Herbert Swanson

The Talk:

The talk will look at the experience of northern Thai Protestant Christians as “subjects” of an American Presbyterian missionary colonialism, why they subjected themselves to that colonialism, what it has done to them, and what they did with it. In the process, the speaker will draw on the work of Edward W. Said on ideological Orientalism to help make sense of the Protestant experience in the North.

The Speaker

Herb Swanson has joined the ranks of the happily retired and recently returned to the Chiang Mai area after a 12-year absence in the USA. He is the founding director of the Payap University Archives (1978-1984) and founding director of the Office of History, Church of Christ in Thailand (1988-2004). He has an M.A. from the U. of Maryland (1987) and a Ph.D. from the Melbourne College of Divinity, Melbourne U. (2003). Herb is an ordained Presbyterian minister, a member of the Suwanduangrit Church, Amphoe Doi
Saket, and is married to Achan Warunee. He is also the steward of two websites: herbswanson.com (devoted to Thai church history) and orientalismstudies.com (devoted to the study of ideological Orientalism).


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