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MEETINGS 2013-2017

420th Meeting : "Yangon Echoes, Inside heritage homes”. 

Tuesday, 11 July, 2017.

A Talk by Virginia Henderson and Tim Webster.

The Talk:

Yangon Echoes takes readers behind the fašades of Yangon’s heritage buildings, to offer intimate views of life in the cosmopolitan city formerly known as Rangoon, Burma. An unprecedented work of oral history, this is a rich anthology of fascinating stories exploring notions and values of heritage and home.

Storytellers speak of joy and tragedy, simple pleasures and aching issues. They share thoughts and feelings of living through Yangon’s emergence from decades of stagnation to engagement with a rapidly spinning world. Told with courage and charm, these informal stories of home offer insight into what has happened and is happening to the city.

This popular history of buildings charts social space and urban folklore, linking past to present via living memories. It records everyday life through domestic connections to old places.

The Speakers:    

Virginia Henderson works with local communities and development agencies to facilitate and document cultural projects. Raised in rural Southland, New Zealand, she has a doctorate in architectural heritage management, is an oral historian and has lived in Southeast Asia more than 25 years.

Writer and photographer Tim Webster specialises in archival heritage documentation and environmental portraiture. His extended research into the lives of people working in the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne is being published by Thames & Hudson in 2017. Tim has degrees in physics and mathematics with experience in journalism and education.

Virginia and Tim moved to Yangon in January 2013 to volunteer in heritage conservation efforts in Myanmar.

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