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416th Meeting : “The Last Undammed River”. 

Tuesday, 04 April, 2017.

A film on the Salween in Myanmar directed, introduced and commented by Tom Fawthrop prepared for China Dialogue, a UK publication. 

The Film:

The Last Undammed River / Mega-Dams on the Thanlwin/Salween is a film about critical choices for the new government in Myanmar over what to do with Chinese mega-dam projects that are located in the ethnic states and how to solve acute energy problems in the country.

The Salween River descends from Tibet through Yunnan, enters northern Myanmar and flows through the territories of the Shan, Karenni, Karen and Mon States. The dam-sites are located close to war-zones amidst a faltering peace process as the Burmese army continues efforts to crush ethnic resistance.

The issues dealt with in the film are very well described in Tom Fawthop’s article in:
The Diplomat: http://thediplomat.com/2016/06/east-asias-last-undammed-river/

The Speaker:    

Tom Fawthrop, a familiar speaker for INTG audiences, is an independent journalist and
filmmaker based in Southeast Asia during the past 30 years. Outside Asia he has worked on various assignments in Latin America and Africa: He is a regular contributor & correspondent for The Economist, The Guardian and The Diplomat. He is a member of the The National Union of Journalists UK. Fawthrop has produced more than 10 documentaries with Eureka Films, Including 2 films on damming the Mekong. His films have been screened on Channel 4 (UK) Australian, Dutch, Swedish Broadcasting, TVE Spain, and Thai TPBS TV stations.


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