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MEETINGS 2013-2017

414th Meeting : “Sansai Mahawong 1969/2017: Changes in a Northern Thai Village””. 

Tuesday, 21st February 2017.

A Talk by Michael & Kay Calavan.    

The Presentation:

The talk will explore initial findings on Tambon Sansai Mahawong in Amphoe Saraphi’s
dramatic demographic, economic, political-administrative, and socio-cultural transformation from 1969 up to 2017, giving particular emphasis to:
- The causes and results of a striking shift in population profile;
- Transformation of farming from intensive rice production to lamyai orchards and corresponding changes in the labor market;
- The grafting on a new local government system on to an older one, and the services they jointly provide;
- An exploration of what it means to be Northern Thai in 2017;
- A sea of change in consumption patterns and everyday life.
The talk will begin with a short film (20 minutes) documenting life in Saraphi when the Calavans were doing doctoral research in 1969-70.

The Speakers:    

Anthropologists Mike and Kay Calavan undertook doctoral research in Sansai, a village in
Saraphi District, Chiang Mai Province, in 1969-70 and published their findings in a number of publications. After university teaching in the 1970s, they shifted to work on international development programs in South and Southeast Asia. Since retiring from USAID in 2002, they have undertaken numerous consulting assignments, while managing to spend several months each year in Chiangmai. In 2015 they initiated a restudy of Sansai that will continue over the next couple of years.


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