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MEETINGS 2013-2017

412th Meeting : “What is the Use of Old Books?”. 

Tuesday, 10th January 2017.

A talk by Graham Jefcoate.    

The Talk:

Collections of rare and historic books are being digitised across the globe on an almost industrial scale. The Google Book project is working with state and university libraries to create a mega-library of our printed heritage. National projects have also digitised large quantities of books, periodicals and newspapers to make them accessible via the Internet. So does this mean we can discard or mothball the huge print collections we keep in our traditional libraries? After all, storing and preserving them is expensive - and the texts are now mostly available on line. In this talk, the speaker shall argue that our printed heritage in physical form is in fact as important now as it ever was. In fact we're only now beginning to understand old books for what they are.

The Speaker:    

Graham Jefcoate is the former Head of Early Printed Collections at the British Library, and has led major research libraries in Berlin and in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. 

Want to read more? ....click "HERE" (PDF File for downloading or reading on line - 9 pages).


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