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MEETINGS 2013-2016

411th Meeting : “Translating Chinese Culture”. 

Tuesday, 13th December 2016.

A talk by Cindy M. Carter.    

The Talk:

The translation of contemporary Chinese culture for a global audience holds different significance for different groups of people. For China’s leadership and cultural policy-makers, it signifies an opportunity to expand Chinese soft power and cultural influence, and to trumpet the achievements made by China over the last several decades. For China’s independent filmmakers, authors and artists, it signifies a conduit to a global audience, a means of attaining more artistic and financial freedom, and a space in which to explore a broader range of topics.
In this presentation, translator Cindy M. Carter will present three case studies, drawn from her diverse translation practice, to illustrate some of the opportunities and challenges associated with translating contemporary Chinese literature and culture for a global and increasingly interconnected audience.

The Speaker:    

Cindy M. Carter is a translator of Chinese poetry, fiction, non-fiction and film, and is a cofounder and contributing editor of The Paper Republic, a website dedicated to Chinese literature in translation. After studying Political Science, Economics and Japanese at the University of California at San Diego, Ms. Carter lived in Japan for several years before relocating to China in 1996. In the last two decades, she has translated over eighty Chinese documentaries and feature films, dozens of poems and short stories, two novels, and numerous essays and works of art and literary criticism. She is currently studying Thai at PayapUniversity in Chiang Mai.

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