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MEETINGS 2013-2016

410th Meeting : “Working Together for Economic Sustainability: A Karen Project". 

Tuesday, 22nd November 2016.

A talk by Somboon Panyakhom.    

The Talk:

In 2014 Karen people from all over the globe came together in order to help make the contribution toward the development and economic sustainability of members of the Karen ethnic group. Representatives from  Australia,  Burma,  Finland  and  Thailand  established  the  Karen  Group  Co.,  Ltd,  with  the  mission  to promote manufacturing and distribution of unique food products with high quality that meets the standards of  the global market. The talk will explore the challenges and successes of this project and others. As a Karen,
Dr. Somboon’s worldview has been shaped by the plight of his people. This rich background has inspired a  passion for creating avenues for the oppressed to develop self-sustaining structures for their communities.

The Speaker:    

Professor Somboon Panyakhom PhD. is Dean of the International College at Payap University. He received his BA in Political Sciences from Ramkamheang University, MA in Social Administration from Thammasat University, and pursued his doctoral studies in Social and Behavioral Science at the University of Queensland,  Australia.  In  addition  to  being  core  faculty  of  the  Peace  Studies  Program  and  lecturer  in  the International  MBA  Program  at  Payap  University,  Dr.  Somboon  serves  as  a  board  member  of  WFO-Asia, WEAVE Foundation, the Salween Institute and is Associate General Secretary of the Global Karen Baptist Fellowship. His research area involves Social Entrepreneurship for poverty reduction and Business for Peace. 

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