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408th Meeting : “Khru ba Sriwichai: The Engineer Monk”. 

Tuesday, 13th September 2016.

Featuring a film by Sid Perou followed by a Panel Discussion moderated by Louis Gabaude with Sid Perou, David Hardcastle, and Pensupa Sukkata.    

The Film:

There's an old Chiang Mai proverb that says “If you come to Chiang Mai without going up Doi Suthep, you need not have come here at all.”
It is a saying that is older than the road up the mountain that overlooks Chiang Mai. In former days it would take up to five hours to climb the track through the forest used by faithful Buddhists, elephants and oxen. Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep was built long before a monk named Khru Ba Sriwichai attracted thousands of his followers to build the first road to the temple in 1934. This short documentary tells his fascinating story.

The Director:    

SID PEROU started filming for television in 1967. Specialising in filming conditions in caves, he has also expanded his interests to filming other adventure sports and made landmark films in several of them. He has taken part in many international expeditions working as director/cameraman on his own projects as well as for the BBC, other UK TV channels, the National Board of Canada, National Geographic and Nova. He has won several television and festival awards, including an EMMY for his work for National Geographic in New Mexico's Lechuguilla Cave. He is now approaching 80 and, although retired in Chiang Mai, he still has a passion for documentary filmmaking. Having often come cross the name and shrines to the famous Buddhist monk Khru Ba Sriwichai, this is his personal tribute to a truly remarkable man.


DAVID HARDCASTLE : In 1967, when Sid Perou was becoming quite famous, DAVID HARDCASTLE qualified in journalism in the UK and embarked on a newspaper and magazine career, focusing on motoring and motor sport. He settled in Chiang Mai 21 years ago, freelancing for 'The Nation' and some international titles. He ran the 'Good Morning Chiangmai News' monthly magazine for 9 years and has since worked with Chiang Mai University and Rajavej Hospital. Still freelancing, he is working on a script for Australian television.
Dr. PENSUPA SUKKATA—former Director at the Hariphunchai National Museum in Lamphun—retired from civil service, is now a columnist, poet, independent scholar, and a special Lecturer in the domains of Art and Culture, at the Media Arts and Design Section, Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University. See more at:  https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=B7AC19683714DBBA!231&ithint=file%2cdocx&app=Word&aut hkey=!AOXU4WGgmrO7hUs

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