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406th Meeting : “Statue-mania in the North! Sculpting and Casting Historical Memory in Northern Thailand”. 

Tuesday, 12th July 2016.

A talk by Taylor Easum    

The Talk:

Memory has been a boom industry recently. Both in terms of academic work in the field, and in terms of more popular acts of memorialization, monument-building, commemoration, heritage preservation, and nostalgia, much ink has been spilled over the contested memories of the past. In Thailand, the late 20th century saw a burst of memorialization in the form of statuary monuments, a boom described by Grant Evans as “Statuemania.” This near obsession with building statuary monuments reached northern Thailand as well, and produced a number of monuments in Chiang Mai alone, including statues of Kawila, Khruba Sriwichai, and the famous Three Kings in the city center. By examining both the histories told by these monuments, and the histories behind their creation, I hope to offer a glimpse into the erasure of memories and histories of resistance and local identity in the (internally-)colonial frontier of Northern Thailand.

The Speaker       

Taylor Easum is Assistant Professor of History and International Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, where he teaches classes on global history, colonialism and empire, and Southeast Asian history. This summer, he is leading a study abroad program in Chiang Mai focusing on global empire throughout Southeast Asia. His research focuses on the urban history of northern Thailand and neighboring regions, as well as comparative colonialism and regional identity in Southeast Asia.

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