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MEETINGS 2013-2016

402nd Meeting : “History of the Lahu and Wa Baptist Missions”. 

Tuesday, 8th March 2016.

A talk by David Lawitts    

The Talk:

The Wa and Lahu ethnic minorities along the China-Burma border held an ancient tradition that a White Man holding a White Book would one day arrive to the mountains to bring knowledge of the one true God – so when American Baptist missionaries first entered British Burma in the early 1900s, this tradition perfectly prepared the Wa and Lahu for mass conversion. Building off of last year’s talk on Harold Young, this presentation will be a detailed look at his father, William Marcus Young, a pioneer missionary in Shan State, Burma, and Yunnan, China, and the man who first planted the roots in Southeast Asia from which theYoung family legacy would grow.

The Speaker:       

David Lawitts is an American who has lived on and off in Chiang Mai since 2002 studying ethnic minorities in the mountainous borderlands of Southeast Asia, and their relationship between these groups and their respective “host” governments. He is a close friend of the Young family of baptist missionaries and has amassed an unprecedented body of research on their legacy and impact in Thailand, Laos and Burma. During undergraduate (B.A., East Asian Studies, University of Madison in Wisconsin) and graduate research (M.A., Sustainable Development, Chiang Mai University), he has studied ethnic minoritiesin the Mekong region and the relationship between hill tribes and their respective “host” governments.

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