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399th meeting :   “The Great Gamble on the Mekong” 

Tuesday, 12th January 2016.

A talk by Tom Fawthhrop

The Talk:

"The Great Gamble on the Mekong" is a documentary over the future of the Mekong - to dam or not to dam - produced by director and journalist Tom Fawthrop who explores the question: Are we killing the Mekong dam by dam? One of world’s great rivers, it flows through six countries, sustaining the lives of 65 million people. Today it is under dire threat from a cascade of hydro-electric dams. The Don Sahong dam- the 2nd dam on the Lower Mekong, was approved by the Lao National Assembly in September 2015 and scheduled to begin construction by the end of 2015. This film shows how the battle to save the Mekong by NGOs, scientists and two riparian governments is hotting up. The dam-site is only 2 km from the great Khone Phapeng waterfall and set amidst the fabulous wetlands of Siphandone - Four Thousand Islands - that criesout to be a protected area.

The Speaker:       
Tom Fawthrop is an independent journalist and film-maker based in SE Asia during past 30 years.   Outside Asia he has worked on various assignments in Latin America and Africa: He is a regular contributor & correspondent for: The Economist, The Guardian, The South China Morning Post. He has produced numerous documentaries with Eureka Film.

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