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MEETINGS 2013-2015

397th meeting :   “Governing Hmongs in Thailand: Political Networks, Spaces & Places” 

Tuesday, 19th November 2015.

A talk by David Chambers

The Talk:

Much research done about Hmong people in Thailand has fallen into a territorial trap that often groups the Hmong of Thailand into one single group in terms of group political identity and experience. This talk will look at the divisions of Hmong along lines of political vision from the perspective of refugee Hmong populations in Thailand versus Hmong that have resided longer in Thailand. The speaker’s research investigates how these groups/categories are viewed/ignored by themselves (Hmong people) and others (ethnic outsiders) and in turn how these actors govern and work to develop Hmong people in Thailand

The Speaker:       
David Chambers is a PhD student in Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He became interested in Hmong people at a young age. He grew up in Merced, CA, where there is a sizable Hmong population and did volunteer work in Thailand. It was this experience that allowed him to become acquainted with Hmong people in Thailand.

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