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MEETINGS 2013-2015

395th meeting :   "Do Publishers still matter?”. 

Tuesday, 15th September 2015.

A talk by Trasvin Jittidecharak

The Talk:
When  and  will  E-books,  which  is  now  has  30%  of  worldwide  book  sales,  take  over?  Sure, everyone  can  be  published,  but  will  they  earn  a  living  from  their  books?  Founder  of  Silkworm  Books  and
 Mekong Press, Khun Trasvin will speak to the future of books and their publishers.   

The Speaker:       
Trasvin Jittidecharak is from Chiang Mai, Thailand. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in publication design from Parsons School of Design in New York, and has since attended the Stanford Publishing Course for Professionals as well as a publishing training course offered by the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Trasvin was active in promoting reading among children between 1986–1991. She supported the Mobile Library project. She also co-founded a children’s magazine, Dinosarn, in 1990.

In 1991 Trasvin founded Silkworm Books, a general, independent publisher of English-language books on Thailand and Southeast Asia. Silkworm Books has a reputation among the Thai scholars and academics for editorial quality.

In 2005, with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, Trasvin founded Mekong Press, later Mekong Press Foundation, in 2008, in order to support publishing activities in the Greater Mekong Sub-region and to establish a network of publishers in the region.

Trasvin has served as a resource person in book design and publishing at both national and regional levels for  organizations. She has served as a judge for a number of national publication design competitions, and since 1989 has been actively supporting adherence to copyright law in Thailand. In 2008 she became a member of the International Publishers Association’s Freedom to Publish Committee.

Trasvin  has  served  as  an  advisor  to  the  board  of  the  Publishers  and  Booksellers  Association  of  Thailand  (PUBAT)  for  July  2009–June  2015.  Trasvin  was  the  chair  of  the  Organizing  Committee  of  the  30th IPA Congress, Bangkok 2015. She was elected to serve on the Executive Committee of the International Publishers Association (IPA) for 2012–14 and 2015–17.

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