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MEETINGS 2013-2015

394th meeting :   "Chiang Mai - What Makes a City Creative”. 

Tuesday, 18th August 2015.

A talk by Martin Venzy-Stalling

The Talk:
Innovation, culture, creativity and heritage combine to make a city creative. The talk will introduce the  Creative  Chiang  Mai  project  www.creativechiangmai.com  at  Chiang  Mai  University  Science  & Technology  Park  (CMU  STeP)  An  initiative  endorsed  by  the  Governor  of  Chiang  Mai,  it  brings  together  representatives of 40 organizations (from government, education and business sectors) with the aim to develop and promote Chiang Mai through leveraging creativity and innovation. In 2014, Chiang Mai also invited other second cities in Southeast Asia to establish the Southeast Asian Creative Cities network (www.seaccn.com). In order to highlight Chiang Mai’s creative diversity, the Chiang Mai University Science & Technology Park funded the “Creative Mapping” Study, a directory of Chiang Mai’s creative assets.  

The Speaker:       
Martin  Venzky-Stalling,  a  German  national,  works  as  a  consultant  across  Southeast  Asia  on innovation,  strategy  and  policy  issues  and  is  a  Senior  Advisor  at  the  Chiang  Mai  University  Science  & Technology Park (STeP step.cmu.ac.th). He has lived in Chiang Mai for six years and in Thailand for 15 years over  the  past  28  years  and  is  fluent  in  written  and  spoken  Thai.  He  has  an  MBA  with  Distinction  from  the
 University  of  Bradford  and  a  BA  in  Economics  and  Geography  from  the  School  of  Oriental  And  African Studies.

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