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MEETINGS 2013-2015

391st meeting :   "Buddhism Across Borders: Religious Revivalism in Palaung Comminities."

Tuesday 26 May 2015.

A talk by Sean Ashley

The Talk:
How important are ethnic, regional and national distinctions within Buddhism today? This talk will explore this question in relation to monastic networks and Buddhist revivalist movements in Palaung villages across northern Thailand. Since the early 1980s Palaung communities have migrated from Burma to Thailand creating transnational religious channels that help foster distinct Palaung Buddhist traditions throughout the region. At the same time, state supported Buddhist missionary monks and charismatic khruba holy men famed for their miraculous powers have established themselves within Palaung villages where they promote their own brands of Buddhism. Like Palaung monastic networks, the movements of khruba holy men are transnational in scope, but rooted within the regional imaginary of the old Lanna kingdoms. This presentation will look at the tension between national, regional and local Buddhist identities, and how these distinctions relate to the social position of Palaung communities within the region today. 

The Speaker:       
Dr. Sean Ashley has being studying religion and ethnic relations within Dara’ang communities of northern Thailand for over 10 years. He is currently a member of the Sociology Department at Capilano University, Canada.

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