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MEETINGS 2013-2014

383rd meeting :   "Studying Elephant Intelligence and Conversation Education"

Tuesday 11 Nov 2014.

A talk by Joshua Plotnik

The Talk:
Dr. Joshua Plotnik will talk about his work on the intelligence of elephants, including his studies on whether or not elephants recognize themselves in a mirror, how and when they cooperate, and how and when they use vision, sound and smell to navigate their environments. He will also discuss his work on conservation education in Thailand and the U.S., and his current interests in applying the study of elephant behavior to conservation practice.
The Speaker:
Dr. Plotnik is the Founder and CEO of Think Elephants International (USA). A lecturer in
conservation biology at Mahidol University, he heads the research at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation (Thailand), and is also a Researcher in the Comparative Cognition laboratory at the University of Cambridge (UK).

The text in the link is not the abstract of the talk given by Joshua Plotnik for the INTG but an article published in Planetwildlife Magazine on the same topic. The complete version of the article, with pictures, is accessible at:
We thank Planetwildlife for the permission to reproduce the article.

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