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MEETINGS 2013-2014

382nd meeting :   "Traditional Medical Knowledge in Northern Laos"

Tuesday 21 Oct 2014.

A talk by Jean-Marc Dubost

The Talk:
The presentation will deal with traditional medicinal knowledge transmission and dynamics in Northern Laos. It is based on two campaigns of medicinal plant collecting and recording of their uses, with traditional healers from different ethnic groups. It will compare, in particular, the status of traditional medicinal knowledge in 2 Hmong communities. Each community exists in quite different social environments with respect to their integration in the global Lao economy and emergent ways of life. And, in each, medicinal knowledge happens to have experienced quite a different fate.
The Speaker:
Jean-Marc Dubost is an associate researcher with the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle (Paris). He performs surveys in the ethno-ecology field, and has been documenting traditional medicinal knowledge in Northern Laos. In addition, he participates in an eco-museum project in Chumphon province, contributing to the recording and documentation of all traditional use of natural resources in the area, including food, crafts, medicinal, ritual and trade uses, among others.

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