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MEETINGS 2013-2014

371st meeting :   "Following Buddha’s footprints (Buddhapāda)".   

Tuesday February 18th 2014

A Talk & Presentation by Jacques de Guerny.

Intro to Following in Buddha's Footsteps Presentation

........................Want to read more? ....click "HERE" (PDF File for downloading or reading on line - 12 pages).

Additional downloadable documents:

1. Cicuzza-List of 108 Mangalas   Preamble (4 Pages. PDF Format)

2. GabaudeBogle-20140311PDF.  Statement from Mr Louis Gabaude ( 1 Page. PDF Fprmat)

3. A Rebuttle from Mr James Bogle.  A rebuttle from Mr J. Bogle (3 Pages. PDF Format)



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