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MEETINGS 2013-2014

367th meeting :  ““Eating Dogs”. 

Tuesday September 10th 2013

A Talk by John Keeble


My investigation focused on the cruelty and illegality of the dog meat trade in Thailand and its associated components in Lao PDR and Vietnam. It carefully avoided any criticism of the cultural choice to eat dogs.

My own vegan lifestyle makes eating any animal impossible for me but I am used to working between the lines and being impartial was not a problem.

I will start by showing a trailer for a TV film almost finished in London. It sets the scene for our concerns tonight. http://www.shadowtradefilm.com

There are three main Thai elements to eating dogs:
a) the export trade;
b) the commercial domestic market; and
c) home killing.

Although the export trade has grabbed the headlines and TV coverage, the domestic trade probably kills more dogs.

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