148th Meeting – October 1996

HIV is NOT the cause of AIDS

A talk by Dan Reid


The minutes for this meeting are based on a handout compiled by Dan Reid which is partly a copy of his column in the Bangkok Post dated May 4th 1997 along with other related material.


Received a good many responses from readers re my item last week that ‘Why We Will Never Win the War on Aids’, by Bryan J. Ellison and Peter Duesberg has been banned for distribution in the US and Canada and all copies of the book have been ordered destroyed. As an update, the book is now available in the US and Canada and the Court’s order to “burn the book” has been overturned.

When I wrote about Dr. Duesberg over the years, his was the minority view in the ongoing controversy. However, the odds are becoming more evenly matched. More than 200 scientists and physicians have banded together to form the Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis.

They are comprised of Nobel laureates, father of modern retrovirus research Harry Rubin, professors of bio-chemistry and physiology, epidemiologists and virologists. French scientist Dr. Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute, who first discovered HIV, now publicly agrees that HIV cannot cause Aids on its own.

To determine whether a particular virus causes a disease or is merely harmless, scientists must test the virus. But HIV has failed all tests for causing AIDS. HIV is a standard retrovirus – a harmless type of virus found throughout nature, in humans and animals. HIV has the same genetic structure and properties as all other known retroviruses.

HIV does not cause AIDS in chimpanzees, nor does it kill T-cells (from the immune system) in the laboratory. And many “AIDS” patients have never been infected by HIV, yet are dying of the syndrome.

AIDS is a syndrome, not a disease. A patient who has any of 30 diseases, e.g. TB, various cancers, pneumonias, et al. is classified as having AIDS if antibodies against HIV are present. But if they aren’t present, the patient is classified under the normal name of the disease.

With tens of millions of dollars in appropriations and grants at stake, don’t expect the medical-pharmaceutical complex to leave the field to their minority view opponents without a battle royal. At the risk of being labeled criminally irresponsible – I’ve been called everything else – I’ll keep you abreast of the most heated scientific controversy since whether evolution should be taught in school.

Unproven HIV Hypothesis is Totally Absurd

It is said that HIV causes AIDS by destroying the T-cells which compose the immune system, but this idea is completely unfounded. HIV never claims more than one out of 1,000 T-cells every other day. The body replaces at least 30 T-cells out of 1,000 in the same 48-hour period. HIV is barely detectable, even in people exhibiting severe symptoms of AIDS. To claim HIV causes AIDS defies rules of science and common sense.

In cases of hepatitis, for example, almost every single cell in the liver is infected. Even with a simple flu, 30% of the lungs will be rampant with the responsible virus. Find out the many reasons why HIV cannot possibly cause AIDS from a scientist who has spent more than 20 years behind a microscope.

AIDS is Not an Infectious Disease  

There are only two ways to ‘acquire’ a disease: 1) Through a microbe, meaning the disease is infectious. 2) Through toxins, such as lung cancer from smoking. Scientists distinguish infectious disease by a simple, unfailing rule: all infectious diseases are equally distributed among the sexes. From mumps to syphilis, there are no exceptions. Another rule is that all infectious diseases manifest soon after contact. What about AIDS? Over 90% of US AIDS cases are still found among men and AIDS occurs 10 or more years after HIV infection.

Dr. Duesberg's questioning of the HIV/AIDS theory is based on his contention that AIDS doesn't follow the pattern of an infectious disease, and that it consists of a particular set of diseases that are known to be caused by repeated exposure to toxic chemicals. He says that no theory is needed to explain AIDS, since the diseases linked to AIDS are known to be caused by specific toxins, and that the increases in the numbers of cases of those diseases correspond to immediately previous increases in exposure to those toxins. He also says that the nature of viruses is such that they can't cause the pattern of disease that has been called the AIDS epidemic.

AZT is AIDS by Prescription

AZT is a failed chemotherapy treatment created over 30 years ago that was never used on humans until the first AIDS trials. Though AZT is referred to as an ‘antiviral’, it possesses no antiviral qualities. Instead, AZT and its sister drugs (ddl, ddC and d-IT) work by killing all growing cells in the body, randomly and indiscriminately. They cause anemia, weight loss, loss of white cells, loss of muscle mass, severe nausea and immune deficiency – the very condition they are said to treat.

At Least 62,272 Aids Cases Were Never Tested For AIDS  

The public perception is that all cases of AIDS have tested positive for HIV but Dr. Duesberg’s research of CDC data reveals that as of 1992, over 60,000 people were given a diagnosis of AIDS without ever being tested for HIV. In 1993, it became officially acceptable for a doctor to use ‘presumptive diagnosis’ to determine which patients have AIDS. This means anyone who looks like they have AIDS can be presumed to have AIDS without ever having been tested for HIV!


Discussion during Dan Reid’s talk was heated with members of the audience vehemently disputing almost everything that he put forward to support his hypothesis. By the end of the evening the protagonists remained as entrenched in their opposing beliefs as they had been at the start.